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24 May 2008 - 17:41The Randomchat, a fun way to meet people through Jabber

I’m happy to introduce you to the Random chat, another way to meet people through Jabber.

The principe is simple. You pick two people at random, invite them in a chatroom, and let them talk to eachother.

How to begin to chat ?

The current implementation of the Random chat is a jabber component. It is currently running at randomchat.jabberfr.org (see the associated webpage). To begin to chat randomly, you just have to add the contact randomchat.jabberfr.org to your jabber roster. Then switch your status to Free for chat. If you want to initiate a random chat, juste talk to randomchat.jabberfr.org, tell it anything, and it will invite you and the other person in a private and anonymous chatroom. If you don’t want to talk to the other person anymore, just leave the room.

You can configure the component by registering to it, in the same way you would do for a transport.

Under the hood

The component is a python component using the xmpp.py librarie. The project is available on this site : http://randomchat.codingteam.net. The software is licensed under the GPL version 3.

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